Treat Yo’self

According to my daily horoscope, I’m supposed to do something today that is only for my personal enjoyment. That sounds like exactly what I need after such an emotional day yesterday. Surprisingly, the hangover I was expecting seems to have passed me by this time.

Chocolate ice cream in bed is happening today.


Why I Hate Winter

I hate winter because my throat always hurts and my eyes are so dry that they could fall out of my head at any time! Texas weather is so wishy-washy that one might wear a coat one day and a tank top the next. I’ve lived here my entire life and maybe it’s time for a change.

It feels like needles are being jammed into my eyeballs. Lucky there’s some eye drops somewhere around here.

The wind is fucking crazy right now.


Tried the insanity workout and today I’m crazy-sore. Truthfully, I enjoy workouts that involve more of the dance aspect so today gonna try some zumba.

Rainy Day Sunday Shopping


Cloudy and rainy weather never fails to sap me of all productive energy. I went to Lush yesterday to get a pick-me-up after all the rain we have had lately and pictured above is what I came home with.

First, Angels on Bare Skin doesn’t smell too great and the grainy texture isn’t pleasant but my skin feels baby soft after a wash and a spray of Rosewater and Glycerin (found at Whole Foods). I’ll update covering progress in about a week.

Next, I tried a scalp treatment from Lush called Snake Oil. Had to try it out because my scalp gets really sore and itchy when the seasons change. True to review, the smell is strong and smells like a bonfire (and in my personal opinion, that’s a good thing). It’s nothing that a regular shampoo wash can’t get out, so not to worry. After about 5 minutes I felt my scalp begin to lightly throb and the pain of the itch went away. Leave it in for 20 minutes then rinse and shampoo like normal.

**Haven’t tried the Fresh Farmacy sample out but that has to wait until I see a change in my skin from Angels.

That’s all for now. Share your positive or negative experiences with these products. 🙂

Awake Before the Sunshine


It’s rare you’ll see me before 8:00AM but I went to sleep around 9PM and slept better than I have in months.

Yesterday I finally took charge and told my “best friend” of 10 years that I’m over the way she’s treated me. It felt good, to be quite honest. We have definitely grown apart over the years and it’s time to move on. Things can’t be the same between us and I respect that.

What shall I do with this extra time on my hands? Maple flavored oatmeal and cinnamon sugar with a dash of Netflix? Sounds good to me!

Well Hello

I am exhausted after running around. A lazy perfectionist can definitely be used to describe myself. Went to an electronic store to get a new hard drive for my laptop and here’s a photo to show that I am alive and my computer is in working order.